() “It was gruesome.”

That’s how one witness described what happened in Oakland on Monday night when pro-Trayvon Martin protesters attacked a local restaurant. The “gruesome” description is specifically referring to the part where a waiter at that restaurant stood up to one of the protesters and was pummeled in the face with a hammer-like object because of it.

“Protesters with black masks approached the window and tried to bang at it,” bartender Phillip Ricafort told the Oakland Tribune. “(The waiter) said, ‘Don’t do that!’ and the guy turned around and smacked him in the face with a hammer.”

Although “hammer” is the term used by the bartender, there’s question if it was another, similar metal object.

The restaurant, Flora’s, was also the target of vandals over the weekend, which could explain why the fed-up waiter stepped in to try and protect the establishment.

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