Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has many talents, and he's accomplished many things in his career. He's had countless hits, like “Just a Lil Bit,” “Candy Shop,” and “In da Club.” He's even made forays into the worlds of television, movies, and video games. Throwing a ball from the pitcher's mound to home plate is just not going to go down as one of his accomplishments.

The executive producer of Starz's upcoming dramatic series “Power,” premiering June 7, could only laugh after he lobbed the baseball somewhere between first base and home plate, and nowhere near any Mets players, before Tuesday's game against the Pirates at Citi Field.

It might be time for ESPN's “SportsCenter” to update their “Not  Top 10 First Pitches.” They first put the list together after Carly Rae Jepsen's disastrous attempt last summer. After Tuesday's performance, the 38-year-old 50 Cent just might have another Top 10 in his future.

50 Cent was able to throw strikes before the game. Check out this bullpen video courtesy of TMZ

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