Hurricanes: Past and Present

The Carolina Coast is in for it all weekend as Hurricane Florence makes its way to land. It is now at Category 2 and has slowed down which means the area will face sustained winds and tons of rainfall. The Eye of the storm is on track to hit Wilmington, North Carolina and the situation there could be dire for days. Alex Riley, reporter with the Wilmington Star News, joins us to talk about how they will be weathering the storm and if people took caution and evacuated.

Next, President Trump has been talking about how ready the administration and FEMA are to respond to Hurricane Florence. He even took to twitter to say how much of a success his response was to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and denied that almost 3000 people died there after the hurricane hit the island. Rebecca Ballhaus, reporter for the Wall Street Journal , joins us for why a proper response to hurricanes is so important, casualties can happen even after the storm has already passed.

Finally, it wasn’t too long ago that we were talking about the magic number that fast food companies have settled on when giving you deals. $5 dollars is all the rage right now, but the company that started it all is getting rid of it. The 5 Dollar Foot long at Subway is no more! Zlati Meyer, Money reporter for USA Today, joins us for why you can’t get a $5 dollar sub anymore and what’s next.

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