Woke Leftism Sweeps the Nation

Even though we are not misguidedly "woke," Guide Host Ken Matthews deplored that it's almost impossible not to be acutely aware of the debilitating leftist condition that is unfortunately sweeping - and seeping into - the nation. "For many years, conservatives, led by Rush, picking up on this probably ahead of most people, this whole woke thing, this whole political correctness thing I believe has brought our country to its knees," Ken lamented.

"I think there's no greater way to get a country that is as successful and wonderful as ours to literally end up on their knees. And I'm not just talking about sporting events. It's the craziest thing to see this woke thing that's been happening, how it has perverted some of the great things that have happened in this country by great Americans over the years in history."

Of concern to Ken are recent issues that echo Rush's prescience: A New Jersey school district officially permanently removed all holiday names from its academic calendar. Vermont's Republican Governor Phil Scott gave noncitizens voting rights. Hundreds of whistleblowers say the military is forcing anti-American indoctrination on them, Ken noted from The Epoch Times, and of which Senator Cotton (R-AR) has spoken about on the Capitol floor. In Asheville, North Carolina, near where Ken used to live, this "mostly white North Carolina city" approved slavery reparations for black residents. "Woke white liberals think African-Americans are helpless," Ken remarked.

Rush was reinforcing such facts even when the woke crowd just began to stir, like when he told listener Edward from Kernersville, North Carolina, who had called him his hero for his anti-woke and other strong stances, "Woke whites get (everything) wrong about African-American priorities."

Ken sees clear correlations: "As Rush was saying, sometimes it's a pity because there's a lot of ignorance on the left. We know that. Listen to them speak. Listen to Joe Biden. Listen to Kamala Harris. Listen to Maxine Waters. Listen to the woman who -- she's 113 now, but she looks great -- Nancy Pelosi. Seriously. Some of them believe it. Some of them don't. Some people are just elitist."

Sometimes, though, no doubt about it, it's a tactic, a manipulation, a ploy, "a pure poison. And it just oozes from the left," Ken wants it known.

"Rush was just commenting in that last sound bite about white people, woke white people," he added.

"Some of them are despicable. Don't get me wrong. Some of my best friends are white. But let me tell you, there's some -- there's some vile liberal white people out there really doing damage to their communities because of guilt, shame, elitism, wanting to control people, wanting to hold people back. That's not what the country is about. Wokeness and political correctness and fear and critical race theory, all these things, you put 'em in a blender, and they just destroyed the country. Everybody's so off balance. The leaders, the teachers, bosses. How'd you like to work H.R. every day something is updated under the Biden regime? Every day!"

"This is a dangerous time because wokeism is propaganda," Ken summed up. "People that are woke think they're awake." But what he said he would like to get through their dimness is, "No, you are not!"

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