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Regime Won’t Comment on Stasi-Like Raid on Rival Trump

BUCK: Was it a hit on a political rival, the raid at Mar-a-Lago? Going after Donald Trump for the most pure political malevolence here. That as the motivation for what happened I think automatically people that have been paying attention for the last five or six years, that’s the assumption. And the facts certainly are already pointing in that direction. This was Third World-dictatorship nonsense on display from the Biden regime. Karine Jean-Pierre of the West Wing was asked about this, and here is what she said.

BUCK: I think they talk about Trump a lot from this White House, Clay. And just I would note — we’re gonna have to remind everybody of what they were saying versus what the Democrats will be saying. Initially it was, “There needs to be a very high bar. The bar needs to be very high. This a very serious action,” because there I think the one level trying to dampen down the anger. People are pissed off about what happened here.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: People are really unhappy.

CLAY: Rightfully so, yes.

BUCK: Rightly so.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: You’re seeing it, I’m seeing it, peeping reach out. Just give it a week or so and they’re gonna start to say, “Well, you know, in the National Archives is not the most important agency for this kind of an action, but, you know, the law’s the law.” Just give it time. I think that’s where this is headed.

CLAY: Well, that’s certainly where it’s headed. And what I’m bothered by is Biden said, “Oh, I don’t comment on the Department of Justice investigations or…” That’s not true at all. He’s commented on things all the time. I mean, Biden just came out, they had the story out of Albuquerque about the four Muslim men who had been shot.

And Biden tweeted about the fact that he hoped that they were able to find the person who was responsible for that. Now, he won’t comment about it further because the person who was evidently killing the Muslim guys in Albuquerque, that story will disappear. Did you see the story, Buck? It’s just another Muslim guy who was angry about, evidently, who his daughter was dating or some such thing.

BUCK: Why is that so much less newsworthy than what it was in the first 24 hours. We should all wonder about that.

CLAY: The idea is, “Oh, it’s some far-right-wing domestic terrorist.” Joe Biden would have been on an airplane to fly to Albuquerque immediately to talk to the community there and help them heal and everything else. But Biden came out with the border, Buck. He still hasn’t been to the border. But he came out and immediately condemned the agents that were supposedly whipping the Haitian immigrants in that photo, but long before there was any investigation that was associated with that.

He has come out and anytime the narrative fits his preferred view of the world, he regularly weighs in. He said almost immediately about the January 6th defendants that they all needed to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and basically has allowed his Justice Department to hold people in solitary confinement. I believe we’re gonna talk to Julie Kelly later this week about some of those shenanigans that are going on. And so this idea that Biden doesn’t comment on investigations?

BUCK: It’s not true. It wasn’t true when this used to say that during the Obama administration as well. I think it’s really hard for people to stomach, Clay, that we’re not allowed to question election results because that’s a “threat to democracy,” but weaponizing the DOJ, that’s fine. That’s not a threat. It’s a much, much bigger threat to democracy.

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