Grandma Sends Miraculous Sign From Beyond The Grave, Leaves Family In Tears

Dorothy Booth lived a long and eventful life filled with the love of her family. At age 97, when it was clear the end was near, her family gathered around her to spend their last moments together. They turned out to be some of the most joyful times in her life. During those final days, her family spoke to her about heaven. Booth's granddaughter-in-law, Angela Patteson, explained on Facebook how "they talked many times with Grandma, lightheartedly, even jokingly, [asking her] when you get to heaven, see if you're able to send a sign that you're there, and that you're happy." They even came up with what they'd use to convey the message - a cardinal, one of Booth's favorite birds. Dorothy responded the way she so often did when she was asked for something: "I'll see what I can do." She came through in a major way.

A day after her funeral, Dorothy's family gathered together to play canasta, her favorite card game, as a tribute to their beloved matriarch. Before long, they heard a tapping on the kitchen window. Patteson explained, "My father-in-law went outside and saw it was a cardinal. It was just sitting there, completely alert and calm - nothing wrong with it." That alone brought tears to their eyes, but what happened next can only be described as a miracle.

The family was able to approach the bird, hold it and even bring it inside. They spent 10 minutes with the cardinal, feeling the presence of Dorothy around them. Then, they went outside to release it but the bird refused to fly away, instead turning around and landing on one of Dorothy's daughters' shoulders as everyone stood by in awe.

Eventually, they placed the bird on a branch where it sat and watched the family before flying away some time later.

Patteson spoke about what happened, saying, "This has brought so much comfort to them, to have this prayer answered."

Photo: Facebook

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