Boy With Nerf Gun Causes Lockdown At Swimming Pool

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Photo: Getty Images

An aquatic center in Missouri was briefly locked down after a boy dressed in all black and wearing kevlar was seen walking around a fence of the pool armed with what people thought was a rifle.

Lifeguards and other swimmers at the Harrisonville Aquatic Center thought the gun was real and called the police. The lifeguards then ordered everybody out of the pool.

“All of a sudden, lifeguards started yelling to get out of the pool,” Allison Scavo told KMBC. “There was panic, and kids weren’t running as fast as they should have, so they just started saying there is a man outside with a gun.”

Everybody rushed into one of the buildings and barricaded the door.

When officers arrived, they located the boy and determined he had a Nerf gun and was shooting at people through the fence.

“Once they arrived, they were able to locate the individual, and it was determined that the gun that was called about was actually a Nerf gun,” Daniel Barnett, the Public Information Officer for Harrisonville, said. “They were able to take the individual into custody. Everyone was safe, and there were no injuries.”

Barnett said the boy cooperated with officers, and charges have not been filed against him.

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