WATCH: Elk Chases Down Couple While They Are Walking Their Dogs

Elk Cow Headshot

Photo: Moelyn Photos / Moment / Getty Images

A couple in Colorado got quite a scare as they were returning home from walking their dogs. As Ashley Marie Unger and her partner were unlocking the door of their cabin in Estes Park, a female elk started sprinting across the street toward them.

Estes Park is near Rocky Mountain National Park, and it is common for residents to see wildlife like elk in their neighborhoods.

According to USA Todaythe elk had recently given birth and became agitated while Unger and her partner were walking their dogs. As they approached their door, they checked behind them to see how far away the elk was.

Luckily, they managed to get inside with their two dogs before the elk could reach them.

Security camera footage captured the heart-stopping moment as the elk stopped just a few feet from their door and looked around the yard. After a few seconds, the elk wandered back across the street, causing a truck to yield as it crossed the road.

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