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BHS - 8A – Bit by Billionaire's Dog | ‘Medical News’ with Dr. Jim Keany

BHS - 7A – Homeless Camp Cleanups | NY v. Trump

A federal judge has found that L.A. City officials doctored records in a case over homeless camp cleanups. The U.S. has come up with its own global strategy to thwart the next pandemic. Finding 12 impartial jurors who can render a fair verdict in the criminal trial of former president is a first for America’s court system.

Handel on the News

SPECIAL GUEST Petros Papadakis & Amy King join Bill for Handel on the News. Whistleblower urges Boeing to ground all 787 Dreamliners after safety warning. Judge warns Trump, 7 jurors seated. Half of Iranian missiles launched at Israel were dud and nearly all the rest were taken out by US: report. House delivers impeachment articles against Mayorkas, calling for a trial. Tervortr Bauer sex assault accuser facing criminal charges. NASA takes ownership of space junk that crashed into Florida home. Federal judge denies request from a lonely “El Chapo” for phone calls, visits with daughters and wife.

BHS - 8A – 'Tech Tuesday' with Rich DeMuro | USC Bans Valedictorian from Speaking at Graduation

KFI's own Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro joins The Bill Handel Show for 'Tech Tuesday'! Rich talks about Tesla slashing price of self-driving software, a new wearable gadget that records your every conversation, AI girlfriends could be a $1BIL business, and Samsung tops Apple again for top smartphone maker. USC bans pro-Palestinian Valedictorian from speaking at graduation. California is suing Huntington Beach over voter IS measure.

BHS - 7A – Los Angeles’ State of the City Address | Democracy Dies Behind Paywalls

Mayor Karen Bass delivers the State of the City last night. Here is what she said. Democracy dies behind paywalls: almost 80% of Americans avoid paywalls for a free option online. How a ‘miracle’ drug made health disparities worse. They’re called ‘game changers’ in the world of weight loss, but who can afford them. America is sick of swiping.

Handel on the News

Neil Saavedra & Amy King join Bill for Handel on the News. Biden earned $620,000 in 2023, paid 23.7% in federal income tax. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass calls on city’s ‘most fortunate’ to help create more affordable housing. House GOP leaders plan to move on four separate bills as Johnson faces pressure over aid to Israel and Ukraine. Body of 4th Baltimore bridge collapse victim recovered as feds start criminal probe and others launch new investigations. Israel weighs response to Iran attack. Recruit firefighter killed on 101 freeway in Studio City; hit-and-run investigation now underway.

BHS - 8A – Opioid Settlements | ‘Do They Have a Case’ with Wayne Resnick

State and local governments are receiving billions of dollars in opioid settlements. They are not using it to help the opioid crisis. The home-solar boom gets a “gut punch.”  ‘Do They Have a Case’ with Wayne Resnick.

BHS - 7A – Israel Attacked by Iran | Golden Age of User Hostility

Israel attacked by Iran! Why? Now what? New accountability… failing to stop a criminal may land you in prison. Airline dress codes: the policies and how they’re enforced can be controversial. Welcome to the golden age of user hostility.

Handel on the News

Amy King and SPECIAL GUEST Petros Papadakis join Bill for Handel on the News. Israel vows to retaliate after Iran’s attack: what could happen next? Iran issues fresh threat to U.S. LAPD increasing patrols around religious sites following Iran drone strikes in Israel. Today is TAX DAY for most Americans. Here’s what you need to know. What prosecutors have to prove in the Trump hush money trial. California granted Presidential Major Disaster Declaration for February storm recovery efforts. Measles case confirmed in visitor who traveled through LA County, health officials say.

(04/13) HOTL Marginal Legal Replay Hour 1

Handel on the Law, Marginal Legal Advice.