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Black Adults Murder White Kid at LeBron’s School and He’s Silent

CLAY: Almost no one is discussing 17-year-old Ethan Liming. He was murdered in the parking lot of LeBron James’ high school in Akron, Ohio. They have now done the full autopsy. He was stomped to death. Stomped to death in the parking lot of LeBron James’ high school. His spine was broken. These details are excruciating to even be able to share with you from the autopsy. Joe Kinsey has written about it up at

But three guys have been charged with stomping this kid to death. This started, Buck, over a water gun. There were kids playing basketball outdoors at LeBron James’ high school. Another kid riding in a car came by with a water gun. Now, the kid who was stomped to death, 17-year-old Ethan Liming, is a white kid. There were three adult black men who stomped him to death, allegedly. Donovan Jones, Tyler Stafford and Deshawn Stafford. They are 21, 19, and 20 years old. Think about how much LeBron James has spoken out related to violence and issues.

Remember he posted a picture of a cop who had fired a shot and said, “You’re next” basically? He hasn’t said a word. He has not mentioned Ethan Liming’s name once. This kid was stomped to death, Buck, in the parking lot of his school, and LeBron James? All of his tweets, all of his Instagram messages, he’s weighed in on every left-wing social justice issue, accused everybody of racism. Three black kids stomped this white kid to death in his parking lot; he hasn’t even mentioned this kid’s name. When we come back, I just want to talk about how focusing on identity over crime has led us to such a disastrous place in our country.


CLAY: The situation, as you break it down, with this LeBron James incident… The only reason why this initially went public, Buck, is because they couldn’t figure out who the kids were — and they’re not kids, they’re grown-ups now. But they initially thought maybe they were minors that had stomped this kid to death. So was an initial search. LeBron said nothing about, “Hey, let’s try and catch these guys. Let’s try and make sure that we have justice.” He just sent out a random tweet that said, “Prayers up for the victim” in this situation.

He didn’t name him, didn’t give any indication who the killers may have been, and I just want everyone out there to think about the way that LeBron would have handled this situation if three white kids had stomped a black kid to death in the parking lot of his high school. Do you think he would have only sent out a tweet saying, “Prayers up for the victim,” or would the city of Akron be burning over this incident if you change the races outside of LeBron’s school? Now, the reason why I bring this up is, we have created…

Social media has certainly accelerated it, but we have created the idea that victims only matter based on the identity of who kills them. That’s really the legacy of BLM. It should be “Black Lives Matter” in parenthetical “(when white people are involved in their deaths),” because all of the inner city shootings that go on that are overwhelmingly black-on-black crime, most people don’t even pay attention, and the vast majority of BLM activists don’t even lift a finger when kids are murdered every single day all over this country.

There are thousands and thousands of murder victims getting no justice in this country and the only time, by and large, the media pays attention is when there’s an identity-politics angle to cover. So, LeBron is a perfect example of this because he tweets all the time and incessantly about race-related grievance. But in his own school’s parking lot, when a white kid was stomped to death by three different black kids, LeBron James won’t even utter the name of the white victim.

BUCK: And they were grown men. They were adults.

CLAY: Grown men, and he wouldn’t even ask for people in Akron, his hometown, to help catch the culprits here. He still hasn’t said anything, Buck — and to me, it’s emblematic of what a fraud he is.

BUCK: It’s the same LeBron James who called out the police officer who shot —

CLAY: Yeah, exactly right.

BUCK: — I believe it was Ma’Khia Bryant because she was attacking someone with a knife.

CLAY: He saved someone’s life.

BUCK: He saved a black girl’s life —

CLAY: — with a knife —

BUCK: Yeah.

CLAY: He saved a black girl’s life and the police officer arrived on the scene and shot the woman to keep her from stabbing to death another person, and LeBron put a picture up of that police officer and said basically, “You’re next,” if I remember correctly, arguing that he was the new Derek Chauvin.

BUCK: One of the most grotesque things a celebrity has done involving police action I’ve ever seen to be honest with you. Another reason why LeBron James is the most famous NBA player. I do not watch the NBA. I do not support the NBA.

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