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Biden Ends Remain in Mexico, As Eric Adams Fumes Over Busloads of Illegals

BUCK: The Remain in Mexico policy has been officially ended by the Biden administration; so, this is a moment where you have to say, “Hold on. The Trump administration figured out a way to bring down the numbers of illegal migrants coming into the country, dramatically bring it down because they disincentivized false or flimsy claims of asylum because it’s no longer possible with Remain in Mexico.”

It would no longer be possible if you’re in that program to just be released in the American interior and either never to show up or maybe only show up for one hearing but not the deportation hearing. So, the scamming of the immigration process is made harder by Remain in Mexico. No surprise to anybody I’m sure, the Biden administration has just announced, we’re done with that, no more Remain in Mexico. So, the incentives right now remain very high for illegals to break our law and come into the country across the southern border.

Whenever journalists go down there and they ask the migrants why are you here, it’s a combination of “Biden promised us we could stay, Democrats say that we’re owed this”; so, we all know what the calculation is in their minds. So, they’re coming in unprecedented numbers. We’ll probably have the highest numbers of illegal migrants coming into the country this year that we’ve maybe ever seen, when all is said and done.

And so Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has gotten sick of this because it is, despite what the libs pretend, an obvious drain on resources. It is also illegal to deal with all of the migrants coming in to the country, costs city and state budgets. So, if the Democrats want so many illegal migrants — and they obviously do — why not put them in Democrat strongholds like New York City and Washington, D.C.? Now there has been some pushback on that?

Because, like so many other things we see, the reality doesn’t line up with what the Democrats had promised us. So, there are thousands and thousands of illegal migrants who are now in the shelter system in New York City and the shelter system in Washington, D.C. They need welfare. They need free medical care. And it’s amazing ’cause we always are always told that illegal immigrants in the country are all just gonna start companies and grow GDP and it’s gonna be amazing. There’s no downside, at all. But the Democrats are now complaining about having more illegal migrants, Clay. And so, this has pushed Mayor Eric Adams to the point where he is now saying — and I just wish he would focus on crime in New York and stop doing the celebrity stuff.

CLAY: — AG focus on crime instead of trying to depose Donald Trump?

BUCK: He is saying that he’s considering taking New Yorkers in buses ’cause they’ve been bused illegal immigrants sent to New York from Texas, he wants to take New Yorkers in buses to campaign against Abbott.

ADAMS: I already called all of my friends in Texas and told them how to cast their vote. And I am deeply contemplating taking a busload of New Yorkers to go to Texas and do some good, old-fashioned door knocking because we have to — for the good of America, we have to get him out of office.

BUCK: I hope that he’s kidding and is not so stupid that he thinks that that would do anything. But I’m not sure, actually. I think he may, in his mind, think that that would be — that sending a busload of Democrat, you know, lib New York activists to Texas is gonna really threaten Abbott’s reelection process. Good luck with that one.

CLAY: Beto has really kind of faded off the scene after his interruption of the press conference in Uvalde. And you guys know out there, I love looking at gambling markets. Right now, Greg Abbott is an overwhelming favorite to be reelected in Texas. So, I love the message actually that Greg Abbott has managed to create on a national level because initially, Buck, this idea that he had of, “I’m gonna put illegal immigrants on buses and send them to Washington, D.C., and send them to New York City.”

I think a lot of people thought, “Oh, that’s never gonna get any attention. There’s no significance that’s gonna come from this,” and actually, what you’ve seen is Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., and Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, Buck, they’ve ended up begging for help because they can’t handle this influx of illegal immigrants. That’s despite the fact that they claim that they want to be sanctuary cities.

And what you’re seeing is it doesn’t take that many illegal immigrants arriving to really throw into an uproar these big cities like D.C. and New York. So, to me it crystallizes what people down along the border in Arizona and Texas have been arguing to us for a long time which is thousands of people coming across the border every day is a really big deal in terms of our ability to provide security. And I’ll just mention, we added 87,000 IRS agents. What’s the total number of people…? I think it’s like 30,000 that work at the border, Buck, in an effort to try and restrain all that illegal immigration. Wouldn’t you like to have seen a lot more border agents to influence and implement our laws, as opposed to doubling the size of the IRS?

BUCK: On a broader philosophical level, too, if people can be in the country illegally — and it’s Democrats now, at the top of the party on down, think that that’s a righteous act, that violating our sovereignty, coming into the country illegally, staying here illegally and bringing more and more people illegally, that this is a good thing. Yet they want us all to pay these very exact and onerous taxes, and if we don’t, you’re a bad person, maybe you should even go to prison.

So, you can be in the country illegally and that’s entirely fine, but if you mispay or underpay or underreport your taxes which has — for any individual — it’s so interesting, isn’t it? There’s aggregate crime on the one hand. There’s aggregate crime on the other, right? Millions and millions of illegals, lots of people what aren’t paying taxes. But any one individual — this is what they’ll say — you really to want send that one person back?

So, the one illegal they’ll say should be able to stay here, but if you don’t pay your taxes, even though it has zero impact on the federal budget, it has zero impact on any other American’s actual rights, but they have to send a message that the law is the law, they’ll send your butt to prison. So, when does the law count and when does it not count? That’s what I want to know.

CLAY: I just continue to point out, too, the U.S. Open up in your neck of the woods in New York City is about to start soon. Novak Djokovic could cross the border illegally and come right into America without having to get tested at all for covid and theoretically get on one of those buses that Greg Abbott is driving up to New York City and legally, at least according to Eric Adams and everybody else, be in the United States. Why wouldn’t he be eligible to play in the —

BUCK: I don’t think the Open would let… I think the Open would say —

CLAY: Based on the laws that are in play right now, you don’t have to take a covid test in order to cross our southern border. I just think it would be amazing if Novak decided, “Hey, I’m gonna come into America for the U.S. Open, I’m gonna try to increase my majors, they won’t let me fly in because I’m not getting the covid shot; that’s stupid. But if I walk across the southern border illegally, they’ll probably let me in the country, and then I’m just gonna head up to New York City, I got my tennis racket and my backpack, I’m gonna go play.”

BUCK: I don’t —

CLAY: It is really funny.

BUCK: I mean, it would require some legwork, require some effort. But the whole thing is so stupid that it defies belief that we’re even still at this point where people — the fact that we have vaccine mandates for anything, for anything in this country related to covid is total madness, as now it’s apparent beyond any real argument or debate because individuals…

Look, if covid’s so scary, everyone should be able to make that choice for themselves. But Djokovic, I give him a lot of credit, man, ’cause he’s also, for everyone, if you don’t follow tennis, he’s one of the best that’s ever played, maybe the greatest tennis player of all time — some people would argue that — and he’s right at the edge of, if he wins a couple more majors he’ll be the greatest player by major wins of all time, and he’s risking a major win ’cause he doesn’t want to get the covid shot.

CLAY: He might well have won Australian Open, might well have won the U.S. Open. He’s probably not gonna be allowed to play in either this year. According to Statistica in the last year of 2020 — this is the last year they updated — there were 19,740 agents employed by United States Border Patrol. So, we are, in one year, going to quadruple the number of Border Patrol agents that there currently are.

And we’re gonna hire that 87,000 IRS agents. I mean, that’s just wild to think about. Nearly 70,000 more new IRS agents than total Border Patrol members we have. That’s crazy to think about. All right. When we come back, Buck, I got a crazy story for you. And it’s sad, and it’s unfortunate and relates to covid policy and kids. I don’t know if you’ve heard this yet or not. But I think it’s gonna blow your mind. And it certainly blew mine.

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